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About the game

Choose between a wealth of classes and races for an insane amount of customisation. Each race starts in it's own territory and any race can be any class!

Enter the world of Cadalion Online


Step into a fantasy world with it's own ecology, from lush forests, to frozen tundras and even an area located high up in the clouds!

Explore under water visiting temples of the sea!

Visit fast deserts and go tomb raiding in pyramids to find riches beyond your wildest imagination!

Embrace the story

Each race has it's own starting story. However eventually the story melds into one cohesive story-line, starting in one area doesn't mean you won't visit the other races zones though as part of the story will have you visit each starting area to gain a series of quest items.

Captivating gameplay


All enemies behave realistically, damaging find vulnerabilities in your opponent is key to victory. Dodge to avoid attacks in various ways, block with magic shields or physical ones! , Crawl/swim through small gaps to find hidden treasures, with a rich traversal system you can find hidden areas to explore, solve puzzles in a group or solo to progress through the map, Train up pets and watch them evolve as they evolve they can be mounted and used in combat which includes PVP! Capture castles by using siege weapons in Guild vs Guild combat! All this and more await you in the world of Cadalion Online!