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Devlog 1: Recreation

Part 1: Recreating the Client

Act 1: Why?

Back when we first started on the Cadalion Online client we did so with intention of “Let’s see if we can make this work in Unity3D”. The intention is and has always been to port the game over to a custom engine at some point but we wanted to create a “proof of concept” to see if what we wanted to make was viable. We managed to make it work and we’re extremely proud of what we accomplished.

So you may ask yourself: “Why recreate the client then?”. The answer is easy, when we first started on the project we did so with “Let’s just see if we can make this work” and we did, and then we bolted onto it, and then bolted more and more. Soon we ended up with a 22GB project that takes ages to open and is unorganised. And since we started Unity has introduced new Rendering Pipelines that make games look WAY better than the standard one the project was created with.

Act 2: URP

So after careful consideration we decided to go with URP. The idea is that HDRP only runs on PC’s with beefy graphics cards (Even my GTX 1070ti had some chuggy-ness). We’ve always wanted to allow Cadalion Online to run on a variety of devices which HDRP doesn’t support. (Plus as you’ll see in the screenshots our beautiful water system only runs on URP). At the end of the day the nail in HDRP’s coffin ended up being that URP and HDRP do not have many differences that would impact the game. With better performance, similar amount of features and the ability to run on a variety of platforms URP was the clear victor.

Act 3: The demo

I started by putting together an HDRP demo, the HDRP looked BEAST but it chugged a LOT especially in the editor. So after trying for like… 20 minutes, I gave up, deleted the project and recreated it using the URP. I saw IMMEDIATE results I went from being unable to load the entire scene because it was lagging me so bad to between 72-80FPS. Plus the URP looks GORGEOUS. Have a look:

Click to enlarge

Act 4: Fields of Green

So after getting the URP working and getting into a scene I had to plop a character in the scene and walk around. This was a beautiful shot I took.

Click to enlarge

Act 5: Water!!!!

So I fell in love with that forest / grassland scene and decided to check out our water system in URP (Check credits to see what assets). And WOW I was blown away.

Click to enlarge
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Click to enlarge (This picture is animated)

This is just a demo scene from the Crest Water system but I think it looks pretty good. There’s a few things I have some small issues with though so we’re going to try a different water system and see what happens.

Act 6: Water?

If you look at the water demo as soon as the shore-line touches the water the textures go muddy and low-resolution. The water also doesn’t really look as good as it does in the video’s for the product so we’re going to try to get it working or switch to a different system, maybe Aquas. But that will be a future endeavor.


The last thing I need to do is to get all of the current gameplay scripts in there and start re-writing the bad ones. Aside of that, that’s all for this devlog, if you made it this far: Thanks so much! If not, I hope you found at least SOME of this post interesting!


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